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Web Presence and Community – Social Mobile Marketing Network

JoelMonty provides a Web Presence and Community service to create, enhance, and integrate web presence and community into an effective social network for clients. This involves elements of social media marketing as well as e-learning, and learning and change navigation for clients–and sometimes for client communities (existing and new).

We also integrate mobile websites to complement existing desktop/laptop/tablet-computer (full) websites.  This is part of our Social-Mobile-Marketing-Network service.

Check out our Social Marketing page and view our Social Media Video to learn more about the importance of social marketing and your social network.

Contact JoelMonty at JoelMonty@JoelMonty.Net for more information and to schedule an appointment (live in local area or via Skype at a distance).

To estimate the lifetime value of a client/customer/patient, please use our Lifetime Client Value Calculator on JoelMonty.Net.  Also visit our Social Marketing – Social Network page for more information.

Please click the Play button on the image below to view a short video on JoelMonty’s background and credentials.




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