Learn How to Learn Guide and Mentoring Service–New

With the publication of our new eBook package, Learn How to Learn in Teams, Groups and Organizations, JoelMonty is happy to add a new Learn How to Learn Guide and Mentoring service.  (This is a Group Coaching Service available via the Internet.)

Please click on the Play button on the image below to view a short video on JoelMonty’s background and credentials.


JoelMonty will work with individual teams to help them apply the concepts from the eBook package to their own needs as a team.  JoelMonty is offering the team group coaching via webinars as the team works through the ideas, models, and tools presented in the eBook package.

Each person on the team needs to purchase the eBook package and to read the eBook prior to the first webinar.  For the team to be successful, 100% of the team must be present and ready to go for each webinar.

JoelMonty’s fee for this service is very reasonable and will be based, in part, on what the team is working on and how much of JoelMonty’s time will be needed to help the team achieve its goals.

JoelMonty has worked for more than 30 years with teams around the world to learn how to learn and to change what needs to be changed.  While he has been a guide and mentor for years and has worked to help teams over the Internet before, this is the first time this service has been made available from JoelMonty.Biz.

For more information, send an email to mentoring-service@joelmonty.biz.

Watch our animated YouTube video on the JoelMonty Channel.


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