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Notice to All Subscribers of

Notice to all subscribers to

For whatever reason, the tie-in with Aweber for the mailing list has not worked.

I am manually taking the subscribed user list from and importing names and emails to the jmb-community (JoelMonty.Biz-community) mailing list on Aweber.  You will receive a confirmation message from Aweber asking if you want to be added to the list.  If you do, please click yes on the link provided for your response.  If you don’t want to be on the list, as I understand the process, Aweber will delete names of those not responding to their “opt-in” message.

I need some help in completing some projects in 2014 and expect to be sending emails to subscribers to my multiple websites to encourage their participation.

This is your “heads up” for what I’m doing.  (I’m not sharing the list or your names or emails.  These are my Aweber lists.)

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,

Joel Montgomery

Social-Mobile-Marketing-Network–“Build-Your-Business” Packages

Check-out our Web-Marketing-Services page and scroll down to Social-Mobile-Marketing-Network “Build-Your-Business” Packages.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level?  Do you know someone who needs to do that?

As you can see from our full range of web-marketing-services, we can help.  More recently we have put together this collection of “Build-Your-Business” packages so that clients, at whatever level and budget, can take advantage of our strategic consulting services and can build Internet support for their business, including Social Media.

Let me know what you think and, if you know someone who could benefit, let me know their contact information in a comment.

Best Regards,

Joel Montgomery

Learn How to Learn Membership

28,900,000 people world wide looked for help last month to “Learn How to Learn”. Are you one of them?

Two Secrets to Learn How to Learn: 1) Work with a Mentor and Guide; 2) Collaborate with others who share the same vision and goals

A Life Transforming solution for our changing times

Learning How to Learn is a process and a set of skills that can be developed and applied to learn how to learn many things–a second language, public speaking, sales, teaching, and more. Two secrets for success in “Learning How to Learn”–1) Work with a mentor; 2) Collaborate with others who share the same goal

For more information, visit our Learn How To Learn Membership page.

Please tell your friends.

Learn How to Learn In Teams, Groups, and Organizations eBook

JoelMonty.Biz announces the new publication of an eBook package (eBook and eAudiobook packaged together) called, Learn How to Learn–In Teams, Groups and Organizations.

From the eBook package information sheet:

Learning and change are tied together.  When we learn how to learn we engage in both learning and change.  When we Learn How to Learn with others  we face more challenges.  This eBook reveals understanding, insight and tools that will enable us to help our teams learn how to learn and to change what needs to be changed.

Learn How to Learn--In Teams, Groups and Organizations-eBook Cover

Unlocking Three Secrets to Personal Development-eBook Package

Published today: Unlocking Three Secrets to Personal Development:  A Guide and a Journal eBook package (both the eBook and the eAudiobook bundled together).

Unlocking 3 Secrets-eBookYes, the poll from yesterday has closed.  I had good feedback, though not many votes.  As I said yesterday, the eBook was set for release within 24 hours.  Amazingly enough, when I went to create the eAudiobook for the title, I realized that I needed to have the two go as an eBook package–both books packaged together.  The reason for this is that the graphics in the eBook are so important that the eAudiobook would be lost without it.  When you have both together you can listen to the eAudiobook in your car or on your mp3 player and even print-out the eBook and have it with you.

Check-out the new eBook package and tell your friends.  It is a guide to help you “learn how to learn” and to “change what needs to be changed.”


Which eBook Title Would You Buy?

I have a new poll today to have you help me pick the title for the eBook I am about to publish in the next 24 hours.

I have had some working titles that I have used and it has come down to a choice between three.  I would like to pick the title most people want to buy.  If you want to purchase the eBook (at a very good price) sign-up for the JoelMonty.Biz Community.